Marsden Quaker Meeting

We are a small group of older Friends. We seldom number more than 5 or 6 at Meeting. Few in number, we uphold the Quaker tradition of a gathered silence, waiting upon the spirit. We welcome others seeking spiritual nourishment, and those curious about the Quaker experience. We cherish Advices and Queries as a source of distilled wisdom, and as a guide for life.

The Meeting House was built in 1763 from stone and despite the passing years the original stone window frames are still in place. It was sold in the 1970’s when changing geographical patterns meant that population moved away from Marsden. Friends converted the remaining half of the building (originally constructed as a school, 1909) into a warm and comfortable Meeting room with good kitchen and toilet facilities.  We have a small car park and on-street parking on Walverden Road. Although small in number Marsden Friends are keen to share their worship and hospitality with those who wish to experience the Quaker way of worship and living. 

If you'd like to speak to a Friend about our Meeting, you can use the Contact Form, or ring Damian on the telephone number below.  

You are also welcome to drop in and speak with Friends, in person, on the first Friday of each month (between 10:30 - 12pm) when we're cleaning the Meeting House. 


Our Sunday Meeting is accessible on Zoom - 

Meeting ID:  853 6096 6223

Passcode:  143139


Marsden Friends' Twitter page:


Public Transport

Rail: 1.5 km to Brierfield and Nelson stations.

Bus: Request stop at "Four Lane Ends" on Walverden Road, very close to the Meeting House.

Service 2 from Nelson Interchange, at 12 mins past the hour from Stand 5. Service 2 from Burnley Bus Station at 20 mins past the hour from Stand 1.


Photo of outside of Marsden Meeting House
Marsden Meeting House

You can find us at:

Friends Meeting House, 21 Walverden Road, Brierfield, Nelson, BB9 0PJ

Our what3words address is:


We meet:

Every Sunday at 10:45-11:45
Every Wednesday at 12:00-12:30
First Sunday at 10:45-11:30

Our regular Meeting for Worship is followed by Afterword and refreshments. On the first Sunday of each month we have a 45 minute Meeting for Worship followed by our Meeting for Business with shared refreshments. We have a lunchtime Meeting for Worship each Wednesday, 12-12.30, with refreshments after.

Our phone number:

0758 089 9145

Children's Meeting:

Children are welcome to join us in our main Meeting, but we don't have any provision for a separate Children's Meeting.


✓ Hearing loop
✓ Wheelchair access
✓ Wheelchair accessible toilet
✓ Parking

Upcoming Events

Sun 3 December

Meeting for Worship


Venue: Marsden Meeting House

You are welcome to join our shortened Meeting for Worship, which is followed by our Meeting for Business with shared refreshments.

Sun 3 December

Meeting for Business with Shared Refreshments


Venue: Marsden Meeting House

Our monthly Meeting for Business with shared refreshments.

Wed 6 December

Midweek Meeting for Worship: 12-12.30


Venue: Marsden Meeting House

A shortened Meeting for Worship, followed by refreshments. 

A good opportunity for the curious to experience Quaker worship and ask questions of Friends afterwards. 

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